The Subtlety of Musical Fresco

The world of aesthetic visions and discoveries of Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz is born out of sound and colour. Both these apparently different qualities, in conventional language called music and painting, - in their essence are wave vibrations. It is these qualities that shape the everyday life of the artist to whom the most personalised kinds of sound - the opera duet or aria are a constant completion and inspiration for her artistic work. For Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz is a stage designer in the opera theatres and a painter in her glazed atelier filled with live plants and light.

She seems to treat her paintings in the way just like a modem musician treats the work of an old master - trying to materialise the abstract harmony of tones in the shape of a magic moment, in the mood of an unrecurring climate.

She is not interested in the formal experiments, in modern techniques, trends in vogue or in the so-called means of expression. Her painting is alive by its relationship with the viewer with whom it gets into an intimate contact by the colour vibrations, by the mobility of the transparent light and by the directness of simple forms.

Jadwiga Jarosiewicís subject-matter are still life, a portrait, a nude, an atelier interior. A personal painting? A womanish one? Not. Sincere one? Definitely. lt comes out of a rare artistic sensitivity to which a teinptation to imprint in a soft paint one”s own self is beheld as an illusive and mean goal, even disturbing the perfectness of the ever-lasting universal harmony.

Such subtlety of feelings, commonly called shyness, while in the language of religion and art - ,, God”s bounty” or a talent, - belongs to the cardinal virtues of the spirit without which a mystic would be like a joker, while and eremite - like a hypocrite. Most of the modern artists think that they can do without it.

Jadwiga Maria Jarosiewicz never yields to the painting trends in vogue. With intuition and constancy she aspires to the ideal well forgotten in the exhibitionist Europe but familiar to the Chinese Classical poetry. A true work of art is the only one whose author undiscernibly withdraws into shadow in order not to disturb, by his or her presence; the intimate dialogue between an art lover and an object of art.

..such an ońental tactfulness should not be alien neither to a writer..

Andrzej Maria Kostecki